Immigrant Heritage Week

More about this later, but the mayor’s office has at last put up the schedule of events for Immigrant Heritage Week, April 14-20.

Here are some events that particularly grab me; see the schedule for more details.

  • Monkey Steals the Heavenly Peaches, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  • Our Immigrant Ancestors: A Concert of American Popular Song, Tuesday. 
  • Liberty, The Musical: “Concert reading of the new, political cartoon musical about the Statue of Liberty and immigration,” Wednesday.
  • Discover “The Neighborhoods of Queens” with Claudia Gryvatz Copquin, Wednesday. (I’ve read every word in this book, and it’s a terrific resource.)
  • Contributions of Immigrants to the Jazz Tradition, Wednesday.
  • The Impact of the Hart-Celler Act on New York City, Wednesday.
  • Queens: A Celebration of Our Diverse Heritage, Wednesday.
  • The Odyssey of the Greek Immigrants into New York City, Wednesday.
  • Coming to America: Immigrant Sounds, Immigrant Voices (music and discussion with American immigrant composers), Thursday and Friday.
  • Drawn Apart: An Evening of Animated Short Films by Immigrant Artists, Thursday.
  • The World in a City: with Joseph Berger, journalist and author of the book by that name, Thursday. (I’ll write more on this book later!).
  • Armenian Song and Dance, Friday.
  • Bus Tour: Public Art of Immigrant Communities, Saturday.
  • Connecting African Immigrants with Their Roots, Saturday.
  • Tribute to Emma Lazarus, Downtown Poet, Saturday.
  • Called by the Bell: Tour the [Irish] Servants’ Quarters, Sunday.

There are LOTS more. It’s completely overwhelming and wonderful.

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