Immigrant entrepreneur answers

Jonathan Bowles, on the New York Times’ City Room blog, has now answered two sets of reader questions about immigrant entrepreneurs.

In part 1, he points out that all entrepreneurship is good for the economy, and that immigrants are almost 30 percent more likely than native-born Americans to start new businesses. But, he says, “there is evidence that fewer immigrant- and minority-owned businesses in New York City grow to the next level than in other cities.” Your thoughts, Mr. Bloomberg?

In part 2, among other things, Bowles discusses the effect of microfinancing. Microloans are up in New York City, he says, but they don’t begin to meet the demand. He also covers health issues briefly, mentioning that immigrants who take vacations in their home countries often try to delay doctor and dentist visits until those trips, because it’s so much less expensive elsewhere.

There’s more; check it out. And there’s still time to get your question in!

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