Just a word about that Islamic center

Let’s try to calm down and remember a few things:

  • No one is proposing to build a mosque “on top of Ground Zero.” The actual World Trade Center site belongs, emotionally, to the American public and would not be an appropriate place for a mosque—or for a church of any denomination.  But exactly how many blocks away is it no longer hallowed ground?
  • The organizers of the group who want to build the Park51 Islamic center and mosque did not choose the site for its proximity to Ground Zero. They chose it for its proximity to the people they are serving, who happen to be Islamic New Yorkers. The neighborhood is already their home.
  • Some Americans may see 9/11 as the event that defines Muslims, but most Muslims do not see 9/11 as their defining event. So for those who take the plans as a slap in their face, it wasn’t meant that way.

If you’re a Christian, you have reason to have faith in the power of love, or I’ve been completely misled about the New Testament. So let’s love our neighbors a little bit, for Christ’s sake.


2 Responses to “Just a word about that Islamic center”

  1. Great article we should remember that :p

  2. Cheeseblab says:

    Two good point and one (the last) excellent one. Of the many distressing elements of American exceptionalism, is there any worse one than our insistence that we know who other people are better than they do? (Or maybe it’s nothing to do w/ being American; maybe it’s just an annoying human tendency.)